Wednesday Evening Staff Meeting

 Posted on February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Attention Houston-area criminal-defense lawyers:

Back in The Day, before blogs (when I was a much younger lawyer) six or seven of us would gather at Jim Skelton's office on Richmond Avenue every Wednesday evening to discuss our cases with each other and with Jim.

My recollections of those sessions are fuzzy; there may have been beverages and/or food involved; sometimes other experienced lawyers would join us. It was a good informal way for us young lawyers to learn how little we had actually learned in law school.

I don't know why it stopped, or when (maybe when we moved out to the suburbs; maybe when Jim got disbarred the first... or was it the second?... time). The HCCLA listserv, which started on back before Google was a verb (in fact, before Google was Google), probably had a lot to do with the end of the Wednesday evening sessions at Jim's.

I know Jim Skelton; Jim Skelton is a friend of mine; and, senator, I'm no Jim Skelton. But young lawyers nowadays lament the dearth of mentoring. So I aim to do my small part by reinstating the Wednesday evening brainstorming sessions.

Defense lawyers young and old are welcome next Wednesday evening, March 5, 2008 beginning at 4:30ish and going till 6:30ish chez Bennett. Bring your worries, your questions and your cases.

Please respond so that we know how many to expect.

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