Who Are These People?

 Posted on October 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Thanks to a reader, I downloaded the Houston Bar Association's 2008 Judicial Preference Poll, an incumbent lovefest. I'm guessing that among the 1300 attorneys who rated the criminal district court judges, half have never set foot in the criminal courthouse, except possibly as defendants because of a serious crack problem.

How is it that more people think that Brian Rains should keep his bench than that Roger Bridgwater should?

Ruben Guerrero over Bill Moore by 120 votes?

527 people who would like to retire Caprice Cosper?

How many rocks do you have to turn over to find 756 lawyers who think that Brian Rains should be judge for another four years?

The Houston Bar Association is a joke, and (at least as far as criminal benches are concerned; unlike the poll respondents I'm not going to opine on races that I know nothing about) its poll is a farce.

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