Why Do Maricopa County's Voters Hate the Constitution?

 Posted on December 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

In response to Why Maricopa County Matters, in which I wrote,

Sheriff Joe is what we get when we leave our form of government, rather than just the people serving us in it, up to the scared white Republicans. His conduct, and his reelections, are proof that the voters of Maricopa County do not love the Constitution.

an anonymous commenter wrote:

He is an elected official and people vote for him every time. Even I have. He is one of the few who make the justice system what it should be. $20,000 a year to house a federal inmate; more people in the real world earn less to make a living and are law abiding citizens. What is wrong with this picture? If you're on your third DUI, you should be in a tent, with only water in the Arizona heat. You deserve to eat (and it is all edible, it just doesn't taste good) green bologna, mealy apples, etc. Prison should not be easier than living in society. It's supposed to be difficult and make you realize you don't want to come back. Not realize, "hey, it's okay if I go back, at least they feed me in prison, give me hair cuts, and keep me warm."

Never mind my policy against anonymous commenting; does this fool not realize that he just illustrated my point about Maricopa County's voters? He admits voting for Warlord Joe because Warlord Joe "makes the justice system what it should be," and no mention of the Constitution.

I could more easily write this off as just another Constitution-loathing scared voter, trading the perception of temporary freedom for an irreversible loss in liberty, except that he's leading the polls for the Arizona Governor's race (via WindyPundit).

Commenter Jameson Johnson of Phoenix writes,

If anyone is interested in querying the Justice Department as to why there has been no action whatsoever in the past two years, I will provide contact information for the Civil Rights Division's investigator in charge of the Maricopa County Task Force.Sarah Stella LopezInvestigatorU.S. Department of JusticeSpecial Litigation Section(202) 305-0372 (direct)(202) 514-4883 (fax)

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