Would a Group of Lawyers Offering this Service be a “Cover Band”?

 Posted on July 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

I wrote last December about cover, and a problem that arose because the lawyer whom I had asked to cover for me hadn't been diligent. Today I learned (H/T A Public Defender) that in L.A. there's a lawyer, Steve Levy, who offers cover to other lawyers for pay.

I've read "The Lincoln Lawyer", so I understand how in L.A. County, with its proliferation of criminal courthouses, lawyers might need cover more often than in a place like Houston, with one (at least until the next Biblical scourge is visited on 1201 Franklin Street). But every criminal-defense lawyer in Los Angeles would seem to be pretty much in the same boat as all of the others.

Is the Bank really so defunct in Los Angeles that lawyers can't be counted on to cover for each other gratis?

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