Yeah, Um, I Think We'll Pass on This One.

 Posted on September 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dear Mark,To introduce me, I am Advoate Goutam Prasad and writting you on behalf of G. P. Law Solutions.Actually, we are New Delhi based Law Firm, which provides Legal Process Outsourcing Services too.As you know now Legal Process Outsourcing is recognised by ABA too and its a great idea to reduce cost and increase profits without compromise to quality. If you go my personal experience, I am sure specially in case of Deposition Summaries, there is no risk of any quality issue.The idea behind writing you to request for looking any possibilty of outsourcing association.For your reference, I have attached our firm profile here.Thanks.Goutam PrasadChief AttorneyG. P. Law Solutions.

Dear Mr. Prasad,

If I were in some area of the law in which the outcome didn't matter, I might let you summarize a deposition just for grins. As it is, though, I would not allow you to touch one of my clients' cases if you were the last "advoate" on Earth.

It's not simply your cavalier attitude toward indefinite articles, nor your charming omission of verbs connecting subjects and objects, nor your Generation-Y approach to spelling and grammar generally. It is, rather, that your tolerance for "quality issues" is clearly much higher than my clients (whose futures are on the line) would consent to have applied to their cases.

Please don't take too much offense - I wouldn't give the goofballs at the ABA any responsibility for the freedom of those who have put their trust in me either.

Thank you,

Mark Bennett.

p.s. Your firm profile was not attached. If you think that reviewing it might change my mind (instead of giving me a hundred more reasons to make fun of you), please forward it to the attention of my associate Mr. Greenfield.

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